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The Stoddard PTO has joined several Brigades through Terracycle. By saving the packaging from the list below, we not only earn money, but we can help to reduce waste in the landfills. Terracycle “upcycles” these packages into things like tote bags, back packs, kites & clip boards just to name a few. Check it out at and start saving TODAY! 

 Capri Sun and Honest Kids Drink Pouches – Save the entire pouch, throw the straw away, cut the top of the pouch off just above the straw hole, rinse out, let dry, flatten.


Huggies Brand – Save the entire plastic package from Huggies Diapers 



Kashi Packaging - Save the entire package (inner & outer packaging/wrappers), empty out any remaining food from the package. 


Aveeno Tubes – Same all empty tubes (lotion, sunscreen, etc..) leave the cap on.



Scott Brand - Save the entire package form: bath tissue, paper towels, napkins and flushable moist wipes


Scotch Tape – Save the entire dispenser including the white core


Malt-O-Meal Cereal Bags – Save the entire bag, empty out any remaining food.


Labels for Education (Campbell’s Labels), 


Our Family Brand Labels,


Box Tops for Education,  


Natures Touch – Milk Moola Caps (Kwik Trip) 


 Festival Receipts