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Stoddard WI

Stoddard PTO

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Stoddard PTO Minutes

Called to order 6:35

Secretary's report read and approved
Treasurer's report read and approved

Target Items-Still waiting on some prices for these items.

Roller-Skating-107 students were there. We will set the date for next year and include the pop and pizza again.

Scholarship-Paula Jacobson will present the PTO scholarship to the winner at the awards night.

Healthy Kids Initiative-We will include some fun games to tie into this at the year-end picnic.

Chicken Q-271 tickets sold. We still need volunteers for this day. Please sign up on PTO Board.

Year-End Picnic-We will include some fun games on this day. Volunteers will be needed. Please sign up on PTO Board.

Teacher Appreciation-We will be purchasing pizzas for the teachers on May 9.

Elections-Elections for next year's officers will be held at the next meeting.

Adjourned 7:35
Submitted by Bridget Hermeier, Secretary

Stoddard PTO Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6:30
Treasurer's report was read and approved
Secretary's report was read and approved

PTO Roller Skating-The roller-skating night will be rescheduled if the weather is bad.

Target Items-Ms. Pishaw will be selecting some orange cones for the playground.
Mr. Peterson will be purchasing a heating lamp for his room.
We are looking for ideas of items to purchase that will tie into our healthy kid campaign.
We talked about buying disposable cameras to leave in each classroom.
We are still waiting on prices for the picnic tables and the digital camera.

School Spirit Clothing-There will soon be samples of clothes with a new De Soto logo on display at the school. The items will be for sale at Games People Play which is located out by Old Navy in Onalaska. The items included are: long and short sleeve t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, baseball caps and lanyards.

Chicken Q-Tickets wil be printed in the next couple of weeks and distributed to the kids to sell.

Child Development Days-We now have a volunteer for this day.

Collection Items-Please start saving the Quillin's "Our Family" UPC labels and turn them in with your boxtops, mikl caps,etc. We appreciate your help.

Next meeting is Tuesday, March 14th, 2006. Hope to see you there!

Adjourned 7:16

Submitted by Bridget Hermeier, Secretary

Stoddard PTO Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6:32
Treasurers report was read and approved
Secretarys report was read and approved

Audit-Still a couple of adjustments, before it is finalized, voted to purchase a Gift certificate for Jeanne Hammes for performing the audit.

PTO/Teacher Communication- We will now start emailing a copy of the minutes to each teacher to keep him or her up to date on what is going on.

Bake Sale Profits $107.00-Thanks for all the donations, and to all the volunteers that helped out.

B1G1 Cards Profit of $1450.00-Great job selling!

PTO Skate Date-is set for February 16th 2006, from 5-8. This year a piece of pizza and a pop will be included with the free skate night for each child

Target Items-Approved to go out and buy some shoes for the Pre-K room and some mittens for the school.

Jeanna is looking into purchasing the picnic tables from Sams Club.

Also after school lets out we will be doing some painting of the black top, some ideas are hopscotch and 4 square.

We will be speaking to Duane about buying a digital camera and or printer to help with the schools yearbook, and deciding where we can help out in bettering the system

Chicken Q Tentative date is still set for April 23rd $6.50 per ticket

Child Development Days-We will need volunteers to help out check the PTO Board for a sign up

K4 Play-Mrs. Berras class will be attending the play Cinderella in May.

Play it again Sports will look into getting some samples of DeSoto items, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and socks. We are also looking at ordering other items such as bracelets and lanyards with the DeSoto logo. More information to come.

Candle Sale-Will talk more about next meeting.

Adjourned 7:35
Submitted By Bridget Hermeier, Secretary