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Stoddard WI

Stoddard Elementary School

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Stoddard Elementary School

Jump Rope For Heart

Stoddard and Prairie View Elementary students, grades K-5, raised $5400.00 for Jump Rope for Heart. Prairie View Elementary raised $3500.00 and Stoddard Elementary raised $1900.00. Morgan Lemke was the top overall fundraiser at Stoddard with $301.00 dollars raised and Austin Lockington was the top fundraiser at Prairie View with $312.00. The contributions raised are donated to the American Heart Association to help fight against our nation's #1 and #3 killers, heart disease and stroke. These funds also help the American Heart Association provide educational programs and materials at no or low cost to schools across the state. Stoddard will receive a $100 gift certificate and Prairie View will receive a $200 gift certificate for the elementary Physical Education equipment. Thanks to the students, parents, school staff and others who donated their time and money for such a good cause. Way to go everyone!!!!

Thank you for Buying our Bracelets

As part of our Social Studies on jobs and money, the Stoddard 2nd graders started a "bracelet factory". Some of the class were the braiders and others were involved with advertisement and selling. We were glad to see how popular the bracelets were! Our profit was $43, which we used to buy food for the Stoddard Food Pantry. It was a really fun project and we all felt really good about our donation as well!

Humpty Dumpty Day

On April 11, 2006, Stoddard Kindergarten celebrated their annual "Humpty Dumpty Day". The children enjoyed watching the janitor throw their containers off the school roof. The object of the lesson was to package a raw egg in the container so that it would survive the "fall". There were many brilliant ideas for keeping the egg safe: parachutes, bread, even house insulation!
Ms. Pishaw's egg was not so fortunate! Mrs. Sedlmayr "accidentally" dropped it before it even made it to the roof!! Thanks to all the parents who took the time to help make this a special day!

Walking to Disney World!

On Monday, April 24, 206, the Stoddard Kindergarten finally reached their goal of walking to Disney World! We have been using our pedometers every day and have kept track of how far we each walked. We were excited to receive information on Disney World, compliments of Peg Binash of AAA! We walked a total of 1,440 miles! Unfortunately, since we are at the end of the year, we won't be able to make it back to Wisconsin!

It's Retirement Time!

Donna Crum

Our district school nurse, is retiring after working here for about two years. She says it is time for her to take an easier road and is thankful to be able to make this choice. She plans on taking longer naps, fish more, frown her alarm clock and spoil her grandchildren. She says life has been good working in our schools and the kids are precious, along with the staff.

Rose Stelzig

Rose started working in our district 15 years ago as a Title I/Reading teacher. After 2 years, computer teaching was added to her job. She has decided to retire so she can spend more time with her family, travel and pursue her hobbies of reading and knitting. She may even return to being her alter ego, Dolly the clown. She will miss the staff and students, but plans to come back and visit often. She wants to thank the parents for the opportunity of working with their children.

Good Luck & Good Health To Both of You