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Stoddard WI

Village News

Contact Information

2019 Spring Election Results

Village President - Robert Wurtzel - 147 votes

Village Trustee - Steve Davis - 144 votes

Village Trustee - Scott Chiples - 19 votes

Village Trustee - Garry Oliver - 21 votes

School Board - Kevin Walleser - 135 votes

School Board - Geri Fox - 140 votes

School Board - Jeff Long - 156 votes

Outstanding Provisional votes - 0

Village Board Meetings

Village Hall

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

6:30 p.m. 

Stoddard Area Food Pantry

300 West St., Stoddard, WI  54658 

Days & Hours: 1st & 3rd Tuesday

each month

2:30 to 5:00 p.m.



Vandalism is on the rise in Stoddard

Please be Aware and Report any Suspicious Activity to the

Vernon County Sheriff's Office or

Crime Stoppers


Now open for your reading pleasure.

Please visit the Free Little Library located inside  the Village Hall during Office Hours. The library in the entry is still open 24 hours a day. Borrow a Book and Return It, or Bring a Book and Exchange It.


Notice of Sheriff's Sale


   Garbage Bag price:

33 Gallon: $2.50 each

15 Gallon $2.00 each

2018 Dog Licenses

Applications for a license must be made within thirty (30) days after obtaining a dog over three (3) months. Residents must present a rabies certificate issued by a license veterinarian or rabies client illustrating that the animal has received current immunization for rabies.

Fees: A license shall be issued after payment of the applicable fee.

For each unneutered male dog & unspayed female dog; $8.00. For each neutered male dog and spayed female dog $3.00

Park Shelter Rentals

$25.00 Residents of Stoddard

$50.00 Non-Residents of Stoddard

2018 Stoddard Boat Landing Permits

$20.00 Residents

$30.00 Non-residents

Yearly permits available at the Stoddard Village Hall

$3.00 daily Boat Landing Permits available at the Stoddard Boat Landing